Yeah, yeah, my favorite source of inspiration may be from kids’ books…go ahead, judge me…but there’s no doubt that Seuss says it best. He managed to drop trivial nuggets of revelation that are inspiring, not just to little brats, but people of all ages from all walks of life.

Dr. Suess' quote can be modified to fit any person's situation and inspire.

“For me, this quote isn’t just about being inspired. It’s not just about soaking up some cool words that some dude said once upon a time. It’s about taking those words, and twisting them to mean something to me. It’s about applying those words to my everyday life.”

In a culture where there are such barefaced stereotypes of what we’re supposed to look like, think like, act like..who we’re supposed to be…of course it’s a little intimidating to be someone that doesn’t always fit the norms. But you can’t knock it till you try it.

We’ve got to be open to doing things a little differently sometimes – inventing our own way of being, whether it means changing our thinking, changing our process or just straight up breaking the “rules.” If we didn’t, we’d never bust any barriers, never come up new ways of creating, never push the boundaries. Snoozefest.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in fitting in. This was one of the biggest driving factors for what got me interested in custom lettering. I never wanted to be the type of designer that relies too heavily on what the latest trends are, or what everyone else is doing. Being able to create my own typography has allowed me to branch out into a more uncommon and original design style. Let’s get up, people, let’s stomp on our doubts and try something new; try designing or dancing or writing or singing, or whatever it is that we’re doing, a little differently than how we’re used to. We might even learn something from ourselves.

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