A Graphic Designer’s Takeaway from PSW ’16

What kind of benefits can Photoshop World have for a graphic designer? Going to a 3 day conference in Las Vegas that mostly centers around professional photographers and how they use Photoshop might seem silly, right? WRONG.

As a graphic designer you are very familiar with Photoshop and many other Adobe programs. However, most—if not all—of those programs are traditional desktop applications used in a traditional way. But what about those times we are away from our desks and we are hit with sudden inspiration? Are we stuck taking pictures and writing notes, just hoping that we remember the way we felt during that moment of inspiration?

Often times those fleeting moments where we feel something truly visceral and intuitive, (yes, intuition should play a role in graphic design, even if in a small way) disappear from our memories only to be vaguely recalled at a later date. Well, Adobe Capture CC can help you capture those inspired moments with more accuracy and control than previously possible.

Great news, Capture CC is completely free. Free is always awesome, but to me the real kicker here is that this app can sync to your CC libraries. This means wherever you sign in to your Adobe account, YOU CAN ACCESS ANY FILE IN YOUR LIBRARIES, (amazing). Before you pack your bags and go on a road trip looking for inspiration on the go, you might want to know how this baby works. Here are the capabilities of this unique mobile app:

  • Take pictures with your mobile device and convert them into vector shapes
  • Create seamless patterns out of any image, then sync with Photoshop
  • Color palette generator! make color palettes from your devices camera
  • Create brushes for Photoshop, Illustrator, or the Sketch app

Just in case this bullet list isn’t enough to convince you, here’s a video to get help you visualize the power of this app. Now get out there and start capturing inspiration!

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