Andy’s Candy Apothecary

Pour Some Sugar On Me

We took on this project with a sharp eye and a sweet tooth. What started as a logo and packaging job for Andy’s Candy Apothecary—a much anticipated candy shop—quickly became an entire branding campaign. We created and delivered storefront and interior design, standard, premium and kids’ logos, packaging and full social media engagement. Rumor has it that a handful of people got cavities just by looking at our designs.

A box of various delicious chocolate candies from Andy's Candy are displayed on a table.
A brown logo with Andy's head in the center.

Ready to treat yourself?


A full spread of delicious Andy's Candy Apothecary in Sacramento.
Text-only versions of Andy's Candy's logo, one with a brown color and another with many colors.

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Colorful jars of delicious Andy's Candy with the text-only logos.
Front of store with the text logo and various candies on display in the window.