San Diego Tourism Authority: Coronado

Disconnect while staying connected

Just across the bridge from San Diego is a place where you can get away from it all without going too far — that is, unless you consider 2.1 miles a trek. With its beach-town vibe, luxury-hotel properties and close proximity to the city, Coronado is the perfect spot for business getaways. They just needed to get the attention of meeting planners.

We immediately set our gears in motion, stepping up our direct-mail game to create a gift box as memorable (and distinctive) as Coronado itself. The piece, complete with an embedded video player, extended a personal invitation to planners. If accepted, planners would be flown in for a private tour of the island and four hotel properties.

Hotel Coronado on the beach, and a direct mail piece containing a gift box.

Our custom direct mail piece contained an elegant gift box, a video player featuring a four-chapter video series, a brochure and flash drive. MeringCarson, our agency partner in crime, scripted and art directed the video series, focusing on the variety of both group and individual activities found on the island. For each hotel we featured unique experiences, including Hotel Del Coronado’s historical ties to the movie Some Like It Hot, or a wine and cheese gondola ride at Loews.

A couple sits on a couch drinking wine and a group has dinner on a pier.

Ready for a mojito? Let’s head to paradise.


Friends laugh around the campfire and a couple makes smores.
The contents of a gift box from Coronado

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