Logofolio Volume 1

Livin’ la Vida Logo

A logo is like your brand’s outfit – It says a lot about you. You might be a really swell organization, but if you’re wearing that hideous pineapple shirt (or you forgot to put on pants) people aren’t going to take you very seriously. We help brands make a spiffy impression that demands respect. Below is a diverse sampling of some of the logos emcee11d has designed, each given the attention and unique personality they deserve. Right down to the shoelaces.

The Railyards logo on the side of a red brick building.
Allspicery logo with a floral design and raw spices.
A swimming turtle between living coast with a large turtle in the background.
Logos for cambria solutions and balboa park.
Logos for auto club speedway, kids free san diego, and paramount studios.
Old Sacramento logo with a lamppost and gold rush color theme.
Logo with a fit. outside the box tag line and a kettlebell.

Tired of that no-go logo?


The Cut logo with a tender, juicy t-bone steak.
Tahoe Mountain Resorts logo and 25th anniversary logo for the Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach.
Logo with a coconut drink as the O in coconut
Logo with the minimalistic roller coaster, palm trees and sun.
Logo for Phase 5 and Stick a Fork in it
Logo for Visit Vacaville and Disney Performing Arts
Logo for devine gelateria with a roll of stickers
Logo for California Dream Big looking over a beach
Logo for UPC and Cases for Cheer

Want to keep doodling for a bit? Join our “Inspired Distractions” list. You can bring your pencil.

Logos for Athena Medical Supply, Muerto, and Padre Foundation

Still feeling logo-hungry? Check out the marks we created for The Division, CalStar, Thunder Valley and LoCA.