Big Air, Don’t Care

It was an epic winter: El Niño brought it, Sierra-at-Tahoe was going off and the skiers and boarders were sending it all season. Our new design had to make just as big of a statement. To do that, we created a character to tell the story for us: Ollie. He’s the guru of the killer slopes, the oracle of chill vibes and the sage of all things snowy. We illustrated Ollie and his faithful sidekick Huck to be fun personifications of the brand’s attitude. Follow their line—they know where they’re going.

Ollie the snowboarder and Huck the dog represent the fun attitudes of Sierra-At-Tahoe.

Helmet on? Boots strapped tight? Ready?


The Sierra-At-Tahoe website featuring Ollie, his other costumes and the slopes behind him.
A sample of the campaign typeface, Sierra-At-Tahoe's mobile website and a trifold pamphlet.

Our relationship with Sierra-at-Tahoe goes back to some really cool
designs from long before Ollie and Huck joined the scene. Our “Keepin’ it Real” campaign—which launched in late 2013 and ran through the next winter—was anchored in authenticity, and this ability to relate to skiers and boarders really differentiated it from the other Lake Tahoe competitors. Our designs were
big and bold, just like Sierra itself.

Posters featuring snowboarders ready to hit the slopes with a bright sun behind their backs.

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