Sports Illustrated

Press the #beastmode button, then brace yourself

“Design four covers for the quintessential sports publication of our era, to be seen by 300 million people…and you have five days.” Still, we were stoked to be asked by Sports Illustrated to produce these covers from concept through final production for its legendary Fantasy Football issue. Each cover pays homage to the player’s respective hometown team.

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch goes beast mode on the field.

Ready to activate your brand’s #beastmode?


Magazine covers featuring players prior to the 2015 football season.

Player images were provided by Sports Illustrated, and we were told “your theme is fantasy. Go nuts.” Music to our ears. The covers were met with much love from players and fans alike: when the players and teams shared their cover images, media impressions went through the roof.

Still reading the magazine “for the articles?” Uh huh.
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