The Bonobo Project

We Bonobo Bonobos!
(and so should you.)

The Bonobo Project came to us with an awareness problem – too few people knew what a Bonobo was, and too few of these uniquely loving and peaceful great apes are left in the world. So we decided to shift the conversation from an ape, too few had heard of, to one of the most powerful things in the world: LOVE.

By making the word BONOBO interchangeable with the word LOVE, we had a platform from which we could intrigue, educate and spread awareness through great design – design people would want to wear and share.

Part of creating great awareness apparel is not only making it look cool, but creating a conversation starter. “I Bonobo You” apparel is helping to spread the love.

In addition to the Bonobo Project mark, we created a second mark using the heart-shaped Bonobo face, which was used in special edition World Bonobo Day swag. When is World Bonobo Day? February 14, of course!

A multitude of Bonobo charities are now aligned under the “I Bonobo You” mantra. The press is picking up the story, and we are thrilled to report that awareness of these sweet, intelligent, “hippies of the ape world” is growing. Hopefully their numbers in the wild will start growing as well.

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