Ubisoft: The Division

Tom Clancy was a badass

The fact that Tom Clancy’s books have been turned into movies and games for decades is a standing tribute to his genius. Anything we created had to stand up to his brilliance and, on top of that, Ubisoft had a lot riding on the success and immediate adoption of the game by players. We hit the ground sprinting, examining every angle until we created cover art that Tom Clancy himself would fist-bump approve.

Cover of The Division, three agents entering a quarantined area with damaged buildings in the distance.

Through multiple ideation sessions, photoshoots and in-house compositing and retouching, we created the main key art image used for the game’s cover and advertising worldwide. We explored a multitude of poses, styles and color choices based on their impact, the feelings they convey and how they tested with various gamer archetypes.

We’d totally give you our last 1up – all you gotta do is ask.


Orange logo for The Division with a silhouette of a soldier in the top left.
Cover art of The Division covers the glass walls of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Stuck in the corner shooting at the wall? Rest those bloodshot eyes with a few “Inspired Distractions” now.