Thunder Valley Casino Resort

A little reinvention never hurt anybody

When remodeling a house, you strip it down to its bare bones — and there, all its potential is suddenly revealed. When Thunder Valley asked us to turn its casino into a four-diamond resort, we did the same. Starting completely over, we rebranded Thunder Valley to reflect a luxury unmatched by any casino in the area — heck, maybe even in the state. Gamers can come not only to quench their thirst for thrills, but also to escape in extravagance.

The red, gold and brown tribal logo for Thunder Valley Casino.
Shiny player cards and the website design for Thunder Valley Casino

Thunder Valley went all in and won big. You ready?


A luxurious black and gold brochure as part of the rebranding.

In this massive rebrand, everything from the monthly promotions down to the bar napkins was given an exquisite makeover, creating an all-new experience for visitors from the moment they entered the resort. This fully integrated, comprehensive approach helped establish the casino as the region’s leading destination for entertainment, gaming and luxury hotel accommodations.

Various black logos for Thunder Valley Casino's rebrand process.
Examples of the new Thunder Valley logos as part of the rebrand.
Different shades of the three colors for the casino's rebrand - red, yellow and brown.

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