Ubisoft: Splinter Cell Blacklist

A Different Kind of Silent-But-Deadly

Tom Clancy, you genius, you’ve done it again. This AAA IP practically defined a genre, showing gamers the pulse-quickening thrills that can come from tiptoeing in the shadows. In an age where blow-it-all-up “run-and-gun” games are the norm, Splinter Cell gives players the option to sneak past or blast through enemies—or combine strategies. Just like Sam Fisher, the game’s protagonist, our team used their ridiculous skillsets, technologies and problem-solving abilities to overcome challenge after challenge. Unlike Sam Fisher, however, we left everyone alive.

A soldier covered in grey armor, wielding a knife and gun, sneaking up on his enemies.

Psst. Over here…let’s move on a project together.


Various shots of a soldier using his headlamp to sneak up on enemies in the dark.
Close up of the soldier holding up his knife with a fierce look on his face.

This project took on multiple identities while we were working on it, due to directional changes from the client, and we kept rolling with the punches without missing a beat. Here are some of the pieces we developed.

The soldier stands over and looks down upon his defeated enemy.
The soldier navigates himself away from a destroyed city, through the darkness and scales between buildings.

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