Ubisoft: Watch_Dogs

The 007 of 1’s and 0’s

This was a brand-new AAA IP on revolutionary new gaming platforms. Yeah, millions of eyes would be scoping that cover art, so it better be some next-level business. We took the challenge as an opportunity to set the bar for this new generation of gaming. In Watch_Dogs, Aiden uses everything at his disposal to hack the city. Our artists followed suit, using every tool and trick in our arsenal to create high-resolution, digitally delicious, pixel-perfect visuals.

Hacker hides his face with a black hankerchief while hacking the city with his cell phone.

Tired of living that low-res life?


Before and after photos of a man holding a gun and a cell phone.

We love sweating the small stuff. The details set this image apart, like the fact that every hair and thread on Aiden’s sweater was painted in by hand. These surgical edits—made on the molecular level—might go unnoticed on the game cover, but every pixel is under scrutiny when this thing is going to be blown up on the side of a building.

In the before-and-after slider (below) you can see the difference in the original image and the one with our high-resolution additions.


Prefer the anonymity of pixelization? You and your blocky edges are always welcome to join our “Inspired Distractions” list.