This Will Change The Way Your Company Thinks, Starting Now.

It’s no secret that some of today’s most successful companies are innovators in their fields and the same can be said of the advertising industry. Ever see an ad and think, “damn, I wish I had done that?” Of course you have – we all have. Even more impressive are the times we see ads that make us think, “wow…that agency really got into the mind of the audience. That’s relatable on every level.” I live for those moments. Those moments don’t develop in an atmosphere of stifled creativity, rejected thoughts or even worse…fear of failure.

So how can you keep your team (be it an ad agency, creative service or an unrelated field altogether) thinking innovatively? Not just every now and then, but really drive it home to encourage and cultivate an environment where innovation takes place on a regular basis.

Innovation and marketing are at the heart of any business.

I’m not an Innovation guru, savant or anything like that. What I am good at is building the right teams and influencing those teams to create what’s never been seen before. In doing so, I recently took pause to purposefully sit down and consider the topic of innovation and its importance. What I’m about to walk you through is a combination of questions, thought provoking ideas and statements – Most of which I wrote, though some were found or heard. In any case, the idea is that as a leader of a team or organization you should become familiar enough with the material to walk your team members through the worksheet, stopping to discuss along the way.

When I did this with my team we held IMWDs (Innovation Meetings With Dave) on Fridays for about 45 minutes per person. The meetings were held in my office to give a safe, open forum for new ideas, unedited conversation and even some not so great ideas. Covering this worksheet took between 3-4 sessions per person, so it’s a great month-long project to kickstart your teams thinking habits.

This worksheet has been designed to initiate a conversation with your team about the process and importance of innovation, and has hints and cues for sparking additional discussion. Two versions of the worksheet are provided below; one for the employee/team member and one for the manager/leader. This is purposed to be a one-on-one exercise.


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