This vid hit home for me. Caine’s hood, his dad, his teeth…all reminded me of my summers at that age. I would go out and just find things to do, things to create and things to build. I made stuff and made stuff up. No smartphone, no Pokemon GO!, just a garage full of crap, a bike and a wide open garage door.

Caine’s Arcade takes the power of imagination to a whole new level!

Check out the video below.

A couple days before finding this, I had a conversation with my team about craft in our industry. Then this video popped up in my Vimeo feed. Caine definitely can craft! His ability to concept, plan, design and build is crazy good. As a dad, I love seeing kids problem solve creatively and build with their hands! Caine’s big idea to build an arcade out of cardboard and resources he found, is awesome. He even sacrificed his own toys to give away as prizes. What kid does that?! And, the calculators? Genius. His dad didn’t even have to spend money at Michael’s to keep him busy (been there, done that).

I initially shared this to show Caine’s craft skills. Turns out there was more. Caine’s ability to push his thinking, creating and building is nuts. This kid is going to kill it as an adult. Thank you Nirvan Mullick for buying the Fun Pass, creating this short documentary and spreading the word. It was both thoughtful and inspiring.

In a world where most people would just play the games and walk away…Nirvan went the extra step to combine his own talents with Caine’s story to create something new and share this experience with the rest of us. This goes beyond a cool cardboard arcade, it’s an unlikely combination of efforts that has resulted in a piece of work that’s on a whole new level.

It must be that 11th power thing we talk about.

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